Goldberg & Chase LLP. has served Brooklyn and all of New York with quality legal representation regarding personal injury matters. If you are the victim of a personal injury, you need a firm dedicated to your case and effective in recovering damages owed to you. At Goldberg & Chase LLP., our legal team will explore all legal means to seek justice for your injury. If you are the victim of a vehicle accident, slip and fall, or dog bite, you have a lot to consider about your future. You may be entitled to financial compensation for the negligence of another party. If you were hurt on the job, including construction accidents, you may be entitled to coverage through workers’ compensation. You may also have the right to sue a third party that was negligent in their responsibility to offer safe equipment or a safe working environment. If you have been hurt because of the negligence of a medical professional, you need our legal services. Contact Goldberg & Chase LLP. for a free consultation.

How to know if you have a personal injury case? Before filing an injury related lawsuit, it’s important to know what kind of case your accident fits into. In terms of personal injury cases, there are a few key factors that must be present in your situation that would lead to filing. The top three are:


The responsible party was negligent. For example, if a driver hit an innocent victim’s car because he ignored a red light, the driver, under the law, would be considered negligent.


The negligence caused the personal injury. In the above example, if the innocent victim sustained a broken leg and arm, as well as severe headaches as a result of the crash, the driver’s negligence would be considered to have caused the personal injury. Without their negligence, the injury may not have occurred.


The injury resulted in harm in which the injured party may be compensated. In the above example, if the innocent victim’s broken arm and leg resulted in medical bills, lost wages, and/or pain and suffering, the injury would be considered to have resulted in compensatory damages.

According to the New York Department of Health, the rate of death from injuries in the state of New York is approximately 40 deaths for every 100,000 people. The current hospitalization rate from injury is 823 per 100,000 New Yorkers, or almost 1% of the population. This means that injury can affect anyone at any time.

Wrongful Death

It takes a highly skilled lawyer to successfully bring a wrongful death lawsuit in Brooklyn, NYC & the 5 boroughs. Almost any kind of accident can result in a person’s death. As a result, “wrongful death cases,” although they may be based on a particular field of law, such as medical malpractice, negligent driving, a defective drug or product, or even a seemingly small slip and fall, are their own special type of case. At Goldberg & Chase LLP; Our specialized wrongful death attorneys work with experts across a wide variety of disciplines and fields. We have the resources needed to investigate the cause of a crash or accident, expose negligence on the part of doctors, manufacturers, and property owners, and accurately quantify the financial impact of the death on a victim’s family.

We aggressively respond to your need for damage compensation resulting from a wrongly caused death. Contact one of our accident fatality lawyers if you want an attorney who understands that even more than compensation for your financial losses, you want justice done. Proudly serving our clients for more than 50 years.

Products Liability

At Goldberg & Chase LLP., our Brooklyn firm aggressively responds to your need for damage compensation resulting from defective consumer products.

Our experienced attorneys are committed to working diligently on client lawsuits from start to finish, with a goal of achieving the best and desired compensation results. We assist clients in recovering compensation for a wide range of personal injuries, including lawsuits for:

Manufacturing liability, including dangerous machines with design defects, defective machines with implementation defects or bad directions, faulty equipment with defective safety features, and medical devices subject to medical device recall that caused eye injuries, blindness, factory chemical exposure, or other Brain / Spinal Cord Injuries; and

Pharmaceutical liability, including drugs related to suicide, dangerous drugs, defective drugs with side effects, Vioxx, and other pharmaceuticals with defective drug administration protocols that caused serious injuries or wrongful death.

Lawyers at our Brooklyn & NYC firm believe that even beyond judgments and settlements, our personal approach doesn’t end when the case is over. Whether you are an injured worker facing a workplace injury or an individual with defective products that cause bodily harm, we have a life-planning session at the close of each case, so that we know you are confident in facing the future.

Contact our Law Firm today for the absolute best legal representation. We have successfully tried hundreds of cases with over 500 Million in settlements.

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