Automobile Negligence – What You Need to Know

headlamp-2940_640Automobile crash-related injuries are a common area of personal injury litigation. If involved in an automobile accident, there are several actions that should be taken:

  • Notify automobile and medical insurance companies
  • Arrange for coverage of medical bills
  • Make a claim for vehicle damage
  • Provide a list to the attorney of all defendants so that they can be notified of any legal action
  • The attorney will explore limits of insurance coverage, and
  • The attorney will examine any defects in a relevant road or guardrail

There are several records that will be obtained:

  • Police report
  • Hospital emergency room records
  • Hospital inpatient records
  • Attending physician’s office chart
  • Drivers’ Report of Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Driving abstracts

Your attorney will interview you extensively as soon as possible after the accident. He or she will also take statements from the other witnesses mentioned in reports. If there is anything in the police report that is inaccurate, you should attempt to have it corrected. You should provide any photos or video that you have taken of the accident. Photos will be taken of any injuries that you sustain.

A common issue in automobile negligence cases involves who is paying for the client’s medical bills and lost wages. Sometimes people advise a hospital of insurance coverage and that coverage is then used to pay for crash-related injuries. However no-fault insurance options should often cover such expenses instead. Clients may play a role in coordinating no fault insurance claims. If you have been in an automobile accident, consult with an experienced personal injury attorney to explore your rights and obligations.

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