Four Ways to Stay Safe and Avoid a Lawsuit this Winter

With the weather becoming colder and colder, there are a growing number of potential predicaments that can get you into a lawsuit. That is why it is important to stay alert at all times during the winter season, so you can enjoy the holiday season with your family and friends without any legal headaches. Here are a few steps you can take to avoid a lawsuit this winter.

Drive Safely and Smartly

Snow, hail, sleet, and high wind-speeds are all to be expected with the worsening weather, but they can still catch you by surprise and lead to car accidents at a moment’s notice. These hazardous conditions can make for some very dangerous driving situations, which is why it is crucial to stay safe on the road. Staying below the speed limit, increasing your following distance, and minimizing distractions like cell phones are some of the easiest ways to avoid an accident while driving. You should also know what to do if your vehicle starts to skid on an icy road; in the most extreme weather conditions, it is best to just stay inside your home unless you absolutely need to go out. Neglecting to stay safe on the road in hazardous conditions can send your car careening into another vehicle (on top of causing personal injury), and yes, you can still be held liable for it.

Use Salt to Melt an Icy Sidewalk

Similar to the roads, your sidewalk can also be a breeding ground for accidents to occur, as icy sidewalks pose a very serious threat to passersby. You may not think having to de-ice your sidewalk is that big of a deal, but people still go outside for various activities like running and dog-walking regardless of the temperature. If someone were to slip and fall on your icy sidewalk, they could get seriously injured and you could be held liable for creating a hazard. You can easily find ice melter at your local home improvement store, and the salt can quickly melt the ice away depending on how thick it is. Just be careful not to slip when you are laying the salt down!

Do Not Overindulge in Holiday Drinking

Although there will be fewer holiday parties this year due to current events, this is still something to look out for. It is imperative that you monitor your drinking around this time, regardless of how irresistible those holiday cocktails look over-drinking during the holiday season can lead to severe injury via car accident or sidewalk slip as previously discussed (not to mention that drunk driving is illegal). Avoid binge drinking by drinking in moderation; try to enjoy one or two drinks over a longer period of time rather than consuming many drinks in a matter of minutes. A safe holiday season is the best holiday season!

Reach Out to a Lawyer This Winter

If you practice smart and safe activities over the coming months, you can celebrate the holidays with all of your loved ones without having to worry about getting involved with the law. If you do find yourself facing a lawsuit this winter, or if you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, Goldberg and Chase Law can help you with your case.

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