How Does a Brooklyn Personal Injury Attorney Get Paid?

Personal injury cases are somewhat unique. My office, and most lawyers in New York State, will sign a client up for a case on what’s called a contingency fee basis. This means that there is no money paid hourly by the client. It is only if there is a successful recovery at the end of […]

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What Happens If My Employer Does Not Have Brooklyn Worker’s Compensation

No worker is left unprotected and all workers are afforded Worker’s Compensation benefits, even if your employer is not insured for Worker’s Compensation. In the State of New York, there is an entity known as the Uninsured Employers Fund which will serve as the Worker’s Compensation carrier to pay the same benefits such as medical […]

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What Happens If I’m Injured Falling From Scaffolding

Many people who work at construction sites get seriously injured when the fall from a scaffold. Usually scaffolds are erected by workers on the jobsite and often times it may not be the best type of a scaffolding. If they fall from the scaffolding, it is irrelevant that they may have helped to erect the […]

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Who Pays My Medical Bills and Lost Wages When I’m Hurt On a Brooklyn Job Site

In New York State when a worker is injured on a job site or just in the scope of their employment, they are entitled to Worker’s Compensation benefits. These are essentially medical bills and lost wages being paid to the injured worker. Usually the employer will aid the injured worker in making the claim for […]

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What Is Important To Know If I’m Injured At Brooklyn Construction Site

Often times construction workers injured on a job don’t know the address of the location because they report there on a day to day basis and they only know the street but not the exact address. If it is not a small construction site, often times there will be a general contracting company as well […]

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What’s Important To Know About Brooklyn Labor Law Cases

Most people think labor law cases have to do with employment or employment discrimination but it really does not have anything to do with that. Labor law cases have to do with either construction workers or contractors who are performing work of any type of nature and get injured, whether it be a fall from […]

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