5 Halloween Safety Tips to Avoid Legal Liabilities

Halloween is a fun time to spend with family and friends, dressing up, eating candy, and having parties. But did you know that if you are not careful, you could end up becoming responsible for a liability? Luckily, with some preparation and presence of mind, you can avoid sudden legal repercussions for unintentional accidents that […]

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5 Simple Halloween Safety Tips For Your Yard To Prevent Liability

Halloween is a fun time of year where people get dressed up, decorate their lawn, and give out candy to trick-or-treaters (or maybe go trick-or-treating themselves!). But did you know you can be inviting liabilities on yourself if you’re not careful? Whenever people–especially children–come onto your property, you are responsible for their safety. During Halloween […]

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Premises Liability – What You Need to Know

Landowners owe a duty of reasonable care to people on their property. A defendant can be held liable for a defective condition on the defendant’s property if he created the condition or had actual or constructive notice of the condition. A plaintiff can establish constructive notice by proving a recurring dangerous condition, or by establishing […]

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I Slipped and Fell Down a Flight of Stairs at an Apartment Complex in Brooklyn, do I have a Case?

Question: I was visiting my sister around 7 pm at her apartment, she lives on the second floor, there were railings to hold on to. It was dark outside, and there were no lights on, so as I was about to hit the last step, i didn’t see the floor and my left foot landed wrong and […]

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