Grocery Store Slip & Fall

When you go to the grocery store, or any other retail store for that matter, you never expect to leave with an injury. However, a supermarket has a lot more dangers than one could possibly imagine. There are countless products that have the potential to spill into the aisles of the grocery store. These stores tend to be pretty large, with employees spread out all over the place. If there is a spill, it could take a few minutes for an employee to notice and during that time, a shopper may slip and obtain an injury.

If you are injured in a setting such as a grocery store, you should obtain medical attention immediately. It is also imperative that you inform a store manager before you exit the store. This is absolutely crucial because if you fail to notify anyone from the store, they may not have any idea that you have obtained an injury. Then, when you try to bring a case against them and have no evidence, you will have a much more difficult time collecting damages. Another reason that you should definitely notify the store of the dangerous conditions is so no one else gets injured for the same reason you did.

If you are able to, you should take pictures of the conditions that caused you to slip and fall. Finally, you should contact a personal injury attorney who can represent you in your claim against the negligent party. This is very important so we can begin to bring a case and recover damages for your injuries, medical expenses and any lost wages that may be as a result of your fall.

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