Hurt At Work Due To Negligence? Know Your Rights. Speak with an experienced Personal Injury Attorney.

Hurt At Work Due To Negligence? Know Your Rights. Speak with an experienced Personal Injury Attorney. (April 24th 2018)

There are certain professions that are inherently dangerous. Did you fall off a ladder at your construction job? Do you work with potentially hazardous chemicals? Is your health or safety at risk at work due to employer negligence? At your place of employment, especially if you work in a physically demanding profession like construction, you are entitled to certain rights that are designed to keep you safe and to help you if you do get injured. These rights fall under the regulations of the United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA was created in order to protect the physical well-being of workers through training and education about safety standards.

Under OSHA, your employer must meet certain specific safety regulations to protect you. Falls are the most common workplace injury reported. If you are employed in construction or another field that requires you to work at great heights, you are entitled to a harness in case of a slip. Other common workplace protections include safeguarding from toxic chemical contamination and burns, and your employer is required to supply you with gloves, goggles, and other protective gear to prevent those sorts of injuries. If you suspect a workplace danger, you are entitled to request an inspection from OSHA to ensure workplace safety. In situations where there is not enough time for an OSHA inspection, you may be allowed to refuse to work until the danger is removed.

If you do experience a significant workplace injury due to negligence, contact us right away. We will assist you in proving your workplace is liable and in receiving appropriate compensation for wage losses, medical bills, and emotional stress. At Weinstein, Chase, Messinger, & Peters, we have decades of experience helping clients with workplace injuries Our talented lawyers will guide you through documenting all communication between yourself and your employer regarding the possible negligent situation, and we will make sure you are clear about your rights. This documentation will become important during a possible OSHA investigation and lawsuit.

Take the time to learn more about OSHA and the regulations your employer is required to follow. Always feel free to call us if you have any questions or if you becoming injured at work due to employer negligence. The more you know about your workplace safety rights, the better equipped you will be to protect yourself.

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