Liability For a Defective Product

When a person purchases a product or a service, they expect it to work flawlessly. However, there may be certain situations in which a product does not perform to the level that it should. A defective product can have serious consequences and lead to severe injuries or even death. If you or a loved one was seriously injured by a defective product, you will need to contact an experienced product liability attorney. Once you obtain an attorney, an investigation into the defectiveness of your product will have to occur in order to determine who the liable party or parties may be.

The person conducting the investigation into why you obtained injuries from this product will have to take a look at every single step that created this product. Depending on the product, a lot of questions will have to be asked and answered throughout this thorough investigation. They will have to go as far as to looking into the original design plans of the product. Was the design itself faulty? Or, was it a step that may have occurred later in the process?

If it has been determined that the design plans were not at fault, the manufacturing process will have to be investigated. Did someone make a mistake putting the actual product itself together? Perhaps a part was put in improperly or was missing altogether, causing a safety hazard for any person using the product. If the part was designed and manufactured completely as expected and according to plan, you may have to do an investigation into the marketing and labelling of the product. It is possible that a warning label was not properly included with the product. Or, maybe it was but the person who wrote it failed to consider some of the additional potential dangers that could arise.

There are a large number of factors that must go into determining the liability of injuries caused by a defective product. You are going to need strong legal representation from an experienced product liability and personal injury attorney to determine who was negligent. Our firm can help provide you with the legal counsel you require after obtaining injuries from a product.

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