Medical Malpractice Cases Based On X-Rays

Sometimes when it comes to medical malpractice cases it seems like the future is now. For those of you who may be friends of Star Trek, you probably recall Dr Mccoy using his little thing to see what’s going on with patients so that he can then give them some special injection and presto voila they are cured. Well there are times when doctors want to be able to see the inside of a patient too and to do that they use imaging studies.

Imaging studies constitute X-Rays, CT Scans, MRIs, PET Scans, Sonograms and the like. Malpractice cases involving these things can be as simple as the radiological miss, we call it a radiological miss because oftentimes these imaging studies whatever kind they may be are read by a radiologist but they are also read by other physicians as well. An orthopedist will look at your CT scan of your leg, an obstetrician will read your sonogram in addition to the radiologist. But whoever is looking at it all of them are in-charge to see what is there to be seen and if something is there and they failed to see it, that would be a radiological miss and that would constitute medical malpractice.

Sometimes the performance of the procedure itself can also cause harm, an example would be that the goal of the procedure is to better see inside the patient, some body part, some are more able to be seen by an X-Ray, some are able to seen by a MRI. Sometimes to enhance the ability to see blood vessels, a patient will be given a radioactive dye that will make the blood vessels appear clearer on an imaging study. Sometimes a patient might be allergic to the dye and have a reaction causing a very problematic course as a result of that.

There are certain questions and things that are supposed to be asked of the patient to minimize the risk. The point of imaging studies are a frontal field to be examined to see if there’s a possible case of medical malpractice.

Another common problem is patients falling off the table when their films are going to be done because protections were not given to them causing broken bones, hitting their head, and other kinds of terrible problems happened under this circumstances.

If you have a case like that and you’d like to give us a call, we’d like to help you.

This blog was provided by Marc Chase, an experienced Brooklyn medical malpractice lawyer.

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