How To Protect Yourself From Liabilities This Summer

Summer is a season of fun, but it’s also a season to be careful. There are many opportunities to get caught in a liability, which means you have to be cognizant of all dangers as you partake in and host summer activities. Here are a few activities that require extra caution in order to enjoy them safely and protect yourself from liabilities.

1. Drinking

Alcohol is a popular addition to many adult get-togethers, and if you have no health issues, there can be nothing wrong with a drink or two. However, you have to be cognizant of your sobriety level when it is time to come home. Either make sure you have a designated driver who will not drink or wait a significant amount of time between drinking and driving home so that you are fully sober when you get behind the wheel. Drunk driving is illegal, and even if you are “just a little tipsy,” you can get into trouble if you get into an accident (or even if you don’t but are pulled over). If you injure someone while driving drunk, you will be held liable for paying the other person’s damages.

2. Swimming 

Private swimming pools are a summer luxury and can make your backyard a hangout in the summer. You have to be aware, though, that having a pool in your backyard can raise your homeowner’s insurance because it comes with risk. You are now responsible for making sure the pool is properly fenced in so that someone doesn’t make their way into the pool unattended and get hurt. If your swimming pool is not kept properly protected, you could be held responsible for any unfortunate accident that may happen there. You must keep it secured to protect yourself from liabilities related to swimming pool injuries or drownings.

3. Liability Waivers

If you run horseback riding activities or own a gym or play space where people sign waivers to protect you from liability should someone get hurt, you should know that in New York, these waivers are not always enforced. In fact, if a customer pays to partake in an activity, they cannot sign away their right to hold you accountable in the event of injury due to negligence. It’s important to be aware of what kind of power your liability waiver holds when you ask a customer to sign it.

Consult With a Lawyer to Protect Yourself From Liabilities

It is important to consult with a lawyer whenever you are not sure if you may be held responsible for an injury. At Goldberg and Chase Law, we can consult with you to help protect you from liabilities this summer. And if you find yourself injured due to someone else’s negligence, we can help you determine how liable that person is and recover your proper compensation.

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