Psychological Effects of Dog Bites

When a person is bitten by a dog, not only are they likely to face physical injuries, they also may be subject to severe psychological issues as a result of this traumatic experience. This may be considered in your personal injury case in the event that you bring a claim against the dog’s owner. The psychological effects that you may obtain from a dog bite should not be overlooked because of the fact that they can last far longer than any of the physical injuries obtained from the same incident.

Some of these psychological impacts may have permanent effects on your daily life. Many times, dog bite victims develop a fear of dogs and severe anxiety surrounding a family dog they were once very close to. Psychological trauma can require years of therapy to try and overcome some of this anxiety. The medical bills associated with obtaining psychological help can be very expensive. In addition to recovering compensation for your medical bills associated with the physical injuries from the dog bite, you may be able to have medical bills associated with damaged mental health covered as well.

It is important that you value your mental health just as much as you value your physical health. Many people don’t know how to handle a mental health diagnosis and it is important to seek help if you are experiencing negative repercussions from a traumatic event in your life, such as a dog bite. If you feel as though your mental health has been negatively impacted by a dog bite incident, it may be beneficial to obtain an evaluation by a mental health professional.

In addition, after an incident of a dog bite or any personal injury accident, you should speak with an experienced personal injury attorney who can assist you in pursuing a case to recover damages that can help you pay for the medical bills incurred as a result of the accident.

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