Will My Accident Case Have to Go to a Trial?

courtWill I Have to Go to Court?

Not every client who becomes a plaintiff in a personal injury matter has to appear in court. Generally speaking, most clients who are plaintiffs in a personal injury case do not go to court. If a lawsuit is started after the case doesn’t settle in the claim stage and the lawsuit proceeds to a deposition, sometimes they are done in court, but most times not. Unless the case were to go to trial, you most likely would not have to go to court. Your attorney goes to court several, or many times, before a case ever goes to trial, in attempts to resolve the case. Most times the client, unless there’s a trial, does not have to go to court.

Will my Accident Case Have to Go to a Trial?

Most people have heard from someone they know, or just anywhere that they get information from, that most injury cases do not go to trial, and that’s a true statement. Trials are expensive, and in order to get to a trial, it means that your case had to go through the court system for several years. When I say several I mean minimum of two years, probably because many of the boroughs of New York have very backed up trial calendars. Once you file a case for trial, you have to wait in line, which could be a year or more, before you get to the trial stage of your case, which is unfortunate. Therefore, many of the cases we have resolved before trial is needed, not because of the wait, but because it’s the right thing to do.

The cases that go to trial are where people get really badly hurt. It is not their fault that they got badly hurt, and there’s significant insurance to go after for an aggressive lawyer, such as myself and my law firm of Weinstein, Chase, Messinger, and Peters. Those are the cases where you want to maximize the dollars; incidents where people get catastrophically hurt. Maybe not catastrophically, but where the insurance policy is large enough that the recovery at a trial would be worth the time and the expense of a trial, to get the best recovery possible for our clients.

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