Is It Worth It to Sue Someone? Three Important Questions to Consider.

Suing someone involves more than just hiring an attorney – there are many factors within your own life to consider before committing to a court case. Taking someone to court can be physically tiring and mentally draining, so it is important to ask yourself the following questions before deciding if it is worth it to sue someone.

Do I have a good case?

As obvious as this may sound, your case has to have actual, meaningful legal merit. In other words, you must have a valid legal claim to successfully take someone to court – you do not have a valid case if the person you are suing did not break the law or cannot be proven to be legally at fault in a situation. It is important to think about your claim from an objective point of view, as emotions can easily alter your perspective and even tarnish your case if you eventually appear before a judge. If you are not sure if your case has any legal merit, give us a call for a free case consultation and evaluation.

Do I have the time and resources to go to court?

As previously mentioned, going to court can be taxing towards your overall well-being. The legal process can be quite lengthy depending on the case, and it can consume a large portion of your day-to-day life. This would mean less time for you to focus on other parts of life like your work, family, and social life. Additionally, if you are driving to and from court every day, the mileage can add up over time and put a dent in your pocket. That alone may make you feel like it is not worth it to sue. If you feel that going to court is too overwhelming, there are other approaches you can take, which leads into the next question you should ask yourself:

Do I even need to go to court?

If you are concerned about your claim or do not have the time and resources to sue someone, you may want to consider reaching a settlement outside of court. It is possible that the defendant will meet your original demands, but you are most likely going to have to reach a compromise if you wish to settle. The most common out-of-court settlement is reducing the amount of money you are asking for. Opting for a settlement does not mean you should forego hiring a lawyer, however. We can help you get the most out of your settlement while ensuring the opposing party agrees to your terms.

We completely understand that you want to be fully compensated for your damages. It is important to not act hastily and think about your case before you decide whether or not it is worth it to sue someone. At Goldberg and Chase Law, we offer free case consultation and evaluation and we will work closely with you to maximize your compensation so that you feel that, yes, it was worth it.

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